“Dorna cannot do anything unless we agree” Shuhei Nakamoto, vicepresident of HRC
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“Dorna cannot do anything unless we agree” Shuhei Nakamoto, vicepresident of HRC



  • New Technical Rules: “The single ECU will not be enforced. Dorna must discuss about technical rules with MSMA before a decision is made. We have a five year contract with Dorna(2012-2016) and it has detailed clauses. With this contract, Dorna cannot do anything unless we agree”.
  • Single ECU: “I am against the idea of single ECU because it will not reduce the cost, which is the prime target of Dorna. Using different ECU is like switching to Mackintosh while you are using Microsoft adapted computers for many years. You have to change everything. Many data will be changed automatically but we have to check each of them whether it is correct or not. Also Excel sheet will not work unless you put some numbers and fill the column. These works will take a lot of time and manpower. This will not lead to the reduction of cost”.
  • Honda’s Production MotoGP Bike: “At the moment, the idea has been suspended. Carmelo wants us to build them but we need a GO sign from the management of Honda Motor. We can manage to build them until 2014 if we get the GO sign”
  • Dani’s chances: “As Dani says, we will try one by one for the remaining three races. Anything can happen in racing and I think Jorge is not yet confident of winning the title. Casey is not yet perfect but he will be very strong in Phillip Island. As we don’t give a team order, Dani must beat Casey in order to win the championship. But at the moment, Dani is very strong and focused. I hope one of the Honda riders would win each of three remaining races”.
  • The arrival of Marc Marquez: “At the moment, Dani, Casey and Jorge are living on the different planet. Next year there will be a space on the podium because Casey will retire. We expect Marquez to fill this space. I don’t expect him to win the first race of 2013 but I expect him to be on the podium in Qatar”.


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